Appeal to all cubers

Are you a fan of combinatorial puzzles and everything linked to them? Would you like to write an article/review/report and publish it on the internet? On the other hand, don't you want to make a web-site just for that?

Since one person can not cover all topics related to the puzzles (whether from knowledge point of view or from interest point of view), I would like to offer the opportunity to collaborate with other cubers. How could it work?

If you have a sufficiently interesting topic about combinatorial puzzles (it can be really anything - from a competition report, through describing a certain solving method, creating a new puzzle, singing a Rubik's cube song, to complex theoretical analysis of a puzzle, or something completely different - there are no boundaries for your imagination), I will be glad if you let me know about it and then write it up (using MS Word, for example).

The article will be published on these web-sites after approval. The author will be mentioned as a matter of course, other details may be mentioned as well (it's a subject to agreement with the creator).

The aim of this appeal is to collect and, above all, publish such information that would otherwise remain inaccessible or forgotten. Readers will have the opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting stuff due to contributors.

Thanks to everyone involved!