Solutions to combinatorial puzzles

In a picture gallery situated below, click on the puzzle you're interested in. Hover your mouse pointer over the picture to display the puzzle name. Puzzle name list can be found at the homepage, too. Pictures are sorted by the puzzle shapes in their solved states.

You might be also interested to know where to buy puzzles or what cube you should get for a speedcubing. And do not overlook other puzzle-related articles.

2x2x2 Rubik's cube 3x3x3 Rubik's cube 4x4x4 Rubik's cube 5x5x5 Rubik's cube 6x6x6, 7x7x7 ... NxNxN Rubik's cube Square-1 / Cube 21 Square-2 Skewb Fisher Cube Windmill cube Axis cube Delta cube Alpha cube Void Cube Mixup Cube Mirror blocks / Bump cube Supercube 3x3x3 Supercube 4x4x4 Bandaged 2x2x2 Bandaged cube / BiCube Bandaged 4x4x4 | B334 AI 4x4x4 cube Constrained cube 90° / Quarter cube Constrained cube 180° Constrained cube 270° Constrained cube ultimate Crazy cube 3x3x3 Crazy cube 4x4x4, typ I Crazy cube 4x4x4, typ II Crazy cube 4x4x4, typ III Dino cube / XCube Compy cube Rex cube Master skewb Helicopter cube Curvy copter cube Gear shift Gear cube Gear cube extreme Mosaic cube Yoshi's cube Varikon box 3x3x3 Floppy cube Super floppy cube Rubikovo domino (Rubikova kostka) 3x3x4 (Rubikova kostka) 3x3x5 (Rubikova kostka) 4x4x6 (Rubikova kostka) 1x2x2 Tower cube Rubikova věž dvojitá Fused cube 2x2x2 trojitá Fused cube 2x2x2 Siamské kostky X-cube Cross-cube Rubikův had / Rubik's twist Dogic Gem cube VII Tuttminx Equator Gear ball 5R Ball Brain master braille Megaminx Gigaminx Pyraminx Crystal Flowerminx Pentultimate Skewb ultimate Gear minx Kytka Ufo (2) Gimmick Tetraminx Pyramorphix Jing's pyraminx Pyraminx Master pyraminx Gear mastermorphix Skewb diamond vrcholově se otáčející Octahedron stěnově se otáčející Octahedron Octahedron 3x3x3 / Trajberův oktaedr 3x3x3 Octahedron 4x4x4 / Trajberův oktaedr 4x4x4 Octahedron 4x4x4 II Tetra pyramid / aXe cube Platypus Hvězdolam GloBall Metamorfix Barel Barrel / Octagon Whip-it Varikon Babylonská věž Rubik's clock Puk Backspin Roundy Ufo Turnstile Rotos Srdce Rubik's magic Master magic Patnáctka Hanojské věže

I would like to thank the following authors of web applications for kind permission to use their software:

Michael Feather (2x2x2 - 5x5x5 Rubik's cube simulators, simulator of 4x4x4 Supercube), Jeremy Fleischman and Lucas Garron (simulators of Megaminx, Pyraminx, Square-1 / Cube 21), Michael Gottlieb (pictures of NxNxM Rubik's cubes), Chen Chi-Ren (pictures of Gem cube VII, Bandaged 2x2x2, Tuttminx; simulator of Tuttminx), Jiříček (pictures, coding and programming of previous site versions), Boris Mouradov (simulators and pictures of NxNxN Rubik's cube, Square-1, Master pyraminx, Super floppy cube, AI 4x4x4 cube, Constrained cube 90° / Quarter cube, Bandaged 4x4x4 | B334, cubes 3x3x4, 3x3x5 and 4x4x6, Crazy cube 4x4x4 type II and III, Skewb ultimate, Gigaminx, Mixup cube, Pyramorphix, Compy cube, X-cube, Cross-cube, Pentultimate, Jing's pyraminx, Ufo (2), Axis cube, Delta cube, Alpha cube, Dogic), Werner Randelshofer (simulators of Barrel / Octagon, 3x3x3 Supercube), Conrad Rider (pictures and schemas of 2x2x2 - 7x7x7 Rubik's cubes), Jaap Scherphuis (pictures of Platypus and Tower of Hanoi), Paul Smet (pictures of Skewb diamond, Pyraminx crystal, Flowerminx, Crazy cube 4x4x4 type I, Rex cube, Octahedron 4x4x4 / Trajber's octahedron 4x4x4, face-turning Octahedron, Master skewb, Crazy cube 3x3x3, Octahedron 3x3x3 / Trajber's octahedron 3x3x3, 3x3x3 Rubik's cube), Gabbasoft (simulator of 4x4x4 Supercube).

My thanks also go to Jarda Flejberk, who willingly lent me Skewb ultimate, cube 4x4x6, Gear minx, Bandaged 4x4x4 | B334, AI 4x4x4 cube, Gem cube VII, Gear mastermorphix, Fused cube 2x2x2 (double, triple), Yoshi's cube, Tuttminx, Skewb diamond, Rubik's snake / Rubik's twist, Tetraminx, Brain master braille, Constrained cube (90° / Quarter cube, 180°, 270°, ultimate), Gear cube extreme, Square-2, Bandaged 2x2x2, Platypus, Octahedron 4x4x4 II, Master skewb, face-turning Octahedron, Gear ball, Flower, Logic star, Metamorfix, Barel, GloBall, 5R Ball, Octahedron 4x4x4 / Trajber's octahedron 4x4x4, Tetra pyramid / aXe cube, Heart, Rex cube, Mosaic cube, Crazy cube 4x4x4 type I and II, Gimmick, Gear shift, Gear cube, Rubik's tower and Fisher cube from his puzzle collection.